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A message about COVID & Vaccinations

Updated Information: 7 Dec 2021 
Today the Qld Government released the Health Directives that we have been waiting for. 

Currently, we are allowing unvaccinated guests to stay and use all facilities and activities. There are some limitations of hospitality facilities and related activities. 

As per our prior communication, we have been waiting for a Qld Government health directive and guidance on any restrictions that might be in place. That directive has been published and our policy has been updated accordingly. 

Facilities & Activities 
Unvaccinated guests are able to: 

  • Swim and use the pool area 

  • Attend and participate in Kids Club and group activities. 

  • Use the facilities in the park (including Jump Mat, Pedal Carts etc). 

In situation where we have a Food Truck visit the park and guests purchase food and dine in the communal area, that may constitute a hospitality venue and be subject to vaccination verification.  

Question & Answers 

Q: I’m not vaccinated, what should I do? 
A: At this stage, you are still allowed to stay in the park however there will be some hospitality events and activities you will not be able to participate in.  

Q: I won’t be vaccinated, can I cancel my stay? 
A: Yes, you can, up until 14 days before your stay and we will provide a full refund for monies paid to date.  Please let us know as soon as possible so that gives us a chance to allow others to rebook.  

Q: What happens to my preference site? 
A: If you choose to cancel, you will forfeit the opportunity to preference book for next year.  

Q: What if new Government Directives are released? 
A: We will continue to tune our policies as Government Directives are released (as we have today). 
As we all know, the situation is fluid and Qld Government is likely to update these requirements from time to time. While we will remain flexible, refunds on short notice cancellations (due to vaccination status) will not be accommodated.  
Q: What happens at Check-In? 
A: As we now have further clarity with the Qld Government Directives and unvaccinated guests are now clear to (except for the hospitality area) holiday without restrictions, we don’t need to verify vaccination status on check-in. However, guests will likely need vaccination verification when purchasing food from visiting food trucks and consuming them in the communal area.   

Q: What other limitations will there be? 
A: That’s all the limitations at this stage. However, if the Government Directives change, we will change operational policy to mitigate risks and fulfill the requirements set out by government.  

We believe that being vaccinated is the best path forward for everyone to enjoy the summer ahead while also protecting yourself and the vulnerable people in the community. It is the best thing you can do for those who are currently unable to be vaccinated (including children) and those that are immunocompromised. 

Being vaccinated will provide the best experience for your stay and participation in our local community.